Gravel Driveways Dublin

We can install a range of gravel driveways in Dublin and surrounding areas offering a permeable, durable surface that is both affordable and to look good all year round.

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Are you searching for an inexpensive material for your driveway? Why not try using gravel?

A popular surfacing material, gravel is significantly affordable than other options but equally durable. It also suits all types of house styles as it comes in various grades, compositions and colours. 

Benefits of Installing Gravel Driveways


A gravel driveway is very hard-wearing, able to withstand heavy traffic, heavy-duty vehicles and harsh weather conditions like frost heave. It is not prone to developing cracks and an uneven surface even as it ages. With regular and proper maintenance, a gravel driveway can last for many years – even up to a century!

Easy Repair of Gravel Driveways

Unlike other alternatives, it can be fixed instead of replaced when it incurs damages like potholes and dips. All you need to do is to regrade it to remove the holes and keep it looking pristine.


When material and installation costs are factored in, this type of driveway is undeniably an affordable choice, especially for larger areas. It is also cost-effective as it is bound to last for several generations. 


A gravel driveway has a permeable surface, mimicking how the ground absorbs water. On top of reducing flooding risks, it minimises runoff which can pollute waterways. 

Customisable Appearance

Gravel comes in different sizes and colours, enabling you to achieve a look that suits your house and enhances its appearance and value.

News Style Driveways is experienced in designing and installing gravel driveways in residential and commercial spaces. We only use premium materials and guarantee proper installation. 

Want a gravel driveway? Let us do the job! You can count on us to deliver a beautiful gravel driveway that is bound to last long. Please call us today on 0852139591 and talk to our gravel driveway specialist!