Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin: Is It Cheaper Than Other Types of Driveways?

Tar and Chip Driveway Contractor Ireland

-Updated June 2023-

Tar and chip driveways are a popular choice for many homeowners in Dublin. The process of installing this type of driveway can be handled by any contractor that has basic experience with asphalt installation, but it is not necessarily something that every contractor will offer. So if you’re looking for tar and chip driveways in Dublin, make sure you’re choosing a company that knows what they’re doing.

Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin vs. Other Types of Driveways

The tar and chip driveway cost in Dublin is comparable to block paving, but it is higher than gravel. However, this type of paving has a significantly longer lifespan than these other types of paving. This means that in the long run it is much more cost-effective than both concrete and gravel. At the same time, due to its long lifespan, it is not as expensive as other types of driveway that have similar life spans like concrete stamped driveways or asphalt.

How Much Does a Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin?

It is cheaper than other paving options, but a tar and chip driveway costs more than a gravel driveway. An average-sized tar and chip driveway in Dublin, around 24 square metres, costs €600 at €25 per square metre. A gravel driveway costs around €18 to €21 per square metre. A concrete driveway is much more expensive at  €80 per square metre.

Installation time depends on the temperature of the asphalt and the number of layers being applied. The first layer will take about 4 hours to cure, and then you can drive on it within an hour or so.

If you have an existing driveway that is not covered with tar or concrete, you can install tar and chip over it. If your asphalt has cracks in it though, they may continue to spread under the added weight of another layer.

How to Calculate the Cost of Tarmac Driveways in Ireland?

What are the Benefits of Tar and Chip Driveways?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners and businesses in Ireland choose tar and chip driveways:

They’re durable, cost-effective, and easy to install. Unlike concrete or asphalt driveways that require the use of heavy machinery during installation, tar and chip can be installed using only basic tools. The chips provide a natural look, while the tar creates an even surface that’s smooth to walk over.

They’re quick to install. Though the amount of time it takes to install a tar and chip driveway varies based on factors like weather conditions, size of the job, etc., it’s typically finished more quickly than other types of paving work. For example, whereas a paving contractor may need several days (or even weeks) to install an asphalt driveway at your Dublin home or business property, they could finish installing a tar and chip driveway in just one day depending on the job specifications.

Tarred roads have been used by road construction firms for hundreds of years—and for good reason! Tar is very long-lasting if laid correctly on top of appropriately prepared sublayers such as hardcore before having chippings put onto it. The lifespan for this type of road depends on heavy traffic loads; in general you can expect between 5-10 years from it before needing additional maintenance or resurfacing work done.

Tar and chip is less expensive when compared with other types like concrete paving which can cost twice as much (or more). This means that you will save money while still getting high quality results because our crews take pride in their workmanship so each job turns out looking great no matter what type of material we use!

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