How Much Does Block Paving Cost in Ireland?

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-Updated Apr 2023-

Worn out driveway? Want a new look for your home? Don’t know what type of driveway paving solution to use? Block paving is a perfect choice for a functional yet stylish driveway. This paving material is also highly recommended for paths or walkways, pavements and patios.

Block paving is made from different materials but typically concrete and clay. It has grown in popularity over the past few years. This is not surprising given the many advantages of using this surfacing material.

Benefits of a Block Paving Driveway

Versatility is one of the leading reasons why property owners choose this paving solution. It is available in an impressive range of colours, patterns and finishes. It can even be customised according to your specifications. Hence, with this material, it is easier to achieve the driveway or patio look you want – whether it’s one with a simple or intricate design.

Block paving is also a very durable material. It is proven to hold up well to heavy loads which is why it is used in docks and airports. It is also able to withstand harsh weather as well as oils and chemicals.

With regular maintenance, a block paving driveway can last over 20 years. What’s even great is that this type of drive is low maintenance. To clean it, you only need soap and water. This is enough to keep it looking new – no polishing or repainting needed.

What’s the Price of a Block Paving Driveway in Ireland?

Clearly, block paving offers homeowners a great looking, long-lasting and low maintenance driveway. But isn’t this type of driveway a little expensive? Some people may think so when compared to other kinds of drives.

In Ireland, a block paving driveway costs around €4000 to €6000. This already includes VAT, material costs and labour fees.

Various factors affect the overall cost, so it is best to request a quote from a trusted driveway paving company to know how much you’ll need to budget for this project.

Depending on the paving contractor, you may be given the block paving price per square metre or for the whole job. The former is more cost-effective if you have a small driveway.

Is It Cheaper to Tarmac or Block Pave a Driveway?



Block Pavers

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Clearly, tarmacking a driveway is significantly cheaper than block paving. Why does it cost less to install a tarmac driveway? Well, tarmac is one of the cheapest paving solutions. Plus, installing it is not as labour intensive as block pavers. Hence, labour fees are also more affordable for tarmac driveways.In Dublin, installing a tarmac driveway costs around €60 to €100 per square metre. This is already inclusive of material costs and labour fees. For a 50-square-metre driveway, the average price is around €4000.

However, it should be noted that the price of block pavers significantly varies depending on the material used. For example, concrete block pavers cost an average of €40 per square metre. Meanwhile, the average price of clay block pavers is €75 per square metre.

How to Calculate the Cost of Tarmac Driveways in Ireland?

Factors that Affect Block Paving Driveway Cost

The top factor that affects block paving prices, whether the project involves a driveway or patio, is size. The bigger the area to be covered, the higher the price.

However, some contractors give discounts for projects which involve large areas. They can do this because their material expense is lower. This is primarily due to the fact that, with bigger projects, they can purchase materials in bulk.

To give you an idea:

For driveways measuring 40 square metres and below, contractors charge around €120 per square metre. For driveways which are 100 square metres and above, they only charge about €90 per square metre.

Aside from the size, the amount of work the project entails also affects the price of block paving driveways. This factor has a direct impact on the labour fees of professional driveway pavers. Keep in mind, driveway cost has two major components – material prices and labour fees.

You can expect professional pavers to charge more for driveways with an irregular shape and/or intricate design as these projects require more work. Similarly, they will also charge higher fees if more preparation work or additional landscaping is needed.

For example, you have to pay around €210 per day if an old block paved driveway needs to be removed first.

The project’s location also affects the cost of installing a block paving driveway. Basically, prices are slightly higher for projects located in urbanised places like Dublin than those in the countryside.

In conclusion, the cost of a block paving driveway varies per property. Various factors come into play that affects material costs and labour fees – driveway size and shape, type of block pavers, the complexity of the project, etc.

Block paving driveway is more expensive than other types of driveways like tarmac and gravel. But it is worth the expense since you get a beautiful, hard-wearing, environment-friendly and low maintenance driveway.

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