How to Find Good Driveway Paving Contractors in Kildare

tarmac driveways raheny

tarmac driveways raheny

Your driveway is one of the first things that people see. This means that if you want them to have a good impression of your property, this part of the house needs to be well-made. But more than impressing your neighbours and guests, having a beautiful driveway can add several thousand euros to your property’s overall value.

Given how important a driveway is, it is best to let driveway paving contractors in Kildare handle the project instead of doing it yourself. It is an option that may require you to spend more (versus going DIY), but it will be worth every penny.

Why Hire Professional Driveway Paving Contractors?

Letting professionals install your driveway is all about getting quality output completed on time. It is also about ensuring that you don’t waste money on repairs or prematurely replace your driveway due to poor workmanship.

So, if you are tempted to go the DIY route, think a million times before pushing through with it. Yes, you will save on labour fees by DIY-ing. But you may end up spending more later on if you fail to build the driveway properly.

You have to realise that installing a beautiful and durable driveway is not something you learn just by watching tutorial videos or master after doing a project or two. This complex task involves advanced knowledge and skills – precisely what professional driveway installers bring to the table.

Expert installers deliver quality driveways that are not just aesthetically appealing but also long-lasting. For property owners like you, this means avoiding expensive repair costs. Moreover, since the driveway is built to meet its typical lifespan (around 20 to 50 years for a tarmac driveway), you won’t have to re-do the driveway or build a new one in just a year or two.

Suffice to say, letting pros do the job is the only way to ensure that you get a high-quality driveway. Furthermore, hiring experts enables you to avoid long downtime as they can complete the project on time.

Unlike DIYers, professional pavers have the time and manpower needed to finish the driveway fast. To add, they know how to properly handle challenges that can potentially delay the project. If there are pitfalls along the way, you can trust them to address them swiftly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your driveway being completed longer than expected.

Step by Step Guide in Finding Driveway Paving Contractors

To find good driveway installers in Kildare:

1. Search online.

This is the quickest way of finding potential contractors. Once the search results appear, pick around three to five companies from the list. Alternatively, you can ask your family and friends for recommendations.

2. Learn about their experience.

One of the details you have to check is the company’s experience. Find out how long they have been paving driveways. Look for companies that have been in business for years. Their longevity is one proof that they offer reliable and consistent service. It also means they have seasoned pavers who spent hundreds of hours building driveways.

It is equally important that the contractor has been using the materials you are eyeing. So, if you want a tar and chip driveway, find out how long they have been installing this type of drive or how many similar projects they’ve done.

Gravel Driveways Dublin

3. Read reviews or talk to references.

Admittedly, being in the business for several years is not enough proof that the company builds top-notch drives. This is why you should also read reviews from previous clients. If you know someone who hired the contractor, talk to them.

Find out if the workers had a good work ethic, the contract was followed, and the project was completed on time. More importantly, know if the clients were satisfied with the company’s work.

4. View their portfolio.

When it comes to home renovation projects like this, the best way to assess the quality of a contractor’s work is to view their portfolio. Nowadays, you can view a driveway paving company’s compilation of their completed work online, like on their website or Google My Business listing.

5. Call the contractor.

Not all information you need will be available online. So, don’t hesitate to call the contractors on your list to get answers to other questions you may have. The call should also give you a glimpse of the quality of the customer service that the company provides.

Take note of the demeanour of the company’s representatives. Are they polite and willing to explain things to you? Do they promptly respond to email queries or immediately return your call?

6. Request a quote.

Price is an important consideration for many property owners when choosing a contractor. As each driveway project is different, the only way to determine exactly how much you’ll spend is to request a quote.

While it is important that the driveway price is well within your budget, don’t pick a contractor just because it has the lowest quote. Remember, you get what you paid for. In most cases, cheap driveways mean more repairs and shorter service life.

On the other hand, a well-made driveway does not have to cost a leg and an arm. Trusted driveway paving contractors like New Stye Driveways install beautiful and durable tarmac, tar and chip and gravel driveways at very reasonable prices.

This may seem like a lengthy process, but each step is necessary to get the best contractor. Remember, a driveway is a big investment and a major project. You need the right people to do it to get the results you want.

Are you looking for professional driveway paving contractors in Kildare? Get experienced pavers and quality driveway at a fair price at New Style Driveways. Please leave us a message here or call us today at (01) 4851582 or 0852139591 to get a free quotation.  

Can Tarmacadam Driveways be Repaired?

Tarmac driveway Meath 4


Tarmac driveway Meath 4

When it comes to driveway surfaces, tarmacadam or tarmac is one of the most popular choices in Ireland. This is not surprising as tarmacadam driveways are affordable yet durable.

The cost of a tarmac driveway in Dublin is just around €50 to €100 per square metre. This driveway can already last up to two decades.

Its ability to withstand extreme weather and heavy loads is undeniably one of the reasons for its longevity. But how it is installed also impacts the life span of a tarmac driveway.

While tarmac drives are hard-wearing, they are just like other drives in that they can get damaged. Moreover, they are not immune to wear and tear. So, they will naturally look worn over time.

What Can Damage Tarmacadam Driveways?

The number one enemy of tarmac driveways is an oil spill. A few drops of gasoline, petrol or diesel won’t drastically affect it. However, it is a different story if the fuel leak happens repeatedly or if the spill involves a large amount of oil.

An oil spill can dissolve the tarmac, resulting in cracks and holes. Moreover, it can significantly weaken the base of the driveway.

Tarmac also degrades when exposed to ultraviolet light. It may hold up well to the scorching heat, but prolonged exposure to UV lights can cause the drive’s surface colour to fade.

Moreover, it softens and loosens the aggregate. When this happens, the driveway easily gets damaged. It loses its ability to withstand heavy weights.

Even weeds and grasses that are seemingly harmless can damage your tarmac drive. They can grow through the tarmac and cause cracks on the material.

Can You Repair Tarmacadam Driveways?

Clearly, like all other types of driveways, those made of tarmac can develop cracks, potholes and other damages. Fortunately, these issues can be remedied easily as long as they are addressed early.

Furthermore, unlike those made of concrete, tarmac driveways are not expensive to repair. With concrete driveways, it is often costlier to fix them than to replace them.

To be clear:

After patching holes and cracks, your tarmac driveway will not look good as new. The patchworks will be evident, which can decrease your drive’s aesthetic appeal.

Don’t fret, though, as they will become less noticeable after several weeks or months. They will eventually meld with the surrounding surface due to the passage of time and the effects of weathering.

Another thing to keep in mind:

Repairing a tarmac driveway is not advisable if the damage is already severe. Hence, an inspection should be done first before taking any action.

When the foundation has deteriorated or the surface is in disrepair, a tarmac driveway replacement is the best option.

On the other hand, resurfacing is recommended when the foundation is still intact, but the surface is peppered with holes or cracks. This type of repair involves adding a brand new coating over the old layer.

Professional Tarmac Driveway Repair Services in Dublin

But while fixing damages on a tarmac drive is easy, do not think that it is a job you should take on. Tarmac repairs should be entrusted to professionals and not amateurs.

Without the know-how and equipment, repairing a tarmac driveway can be a complex and tedious task. Many DIYers commit mistakes, resulting in sloppy repairs.

For example, they end up pouring the cold pour material or hot tarmac directly on top of the damaged area without cutting out the damaged part. This only temporarily hides the damage. In just a matter of days or weeks, you can expect the problem to resurface again.

These errors result in lost time and resources. In some cases, the mistakes exacerbate the problem, and the owners end up spending more to rectify them.

Tarmac specialists in Ireland know precisely what needs to be done. You can trust them to use the right materials and employ the best techniques. You can count on them to finish the job quickly but still deliver top-notch repair work that lasts many years.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Tarmacadam Driveways?

Tarmac driveway repair costs vary depending on the issue or damage that needs to be fixed. But they are cheaper than replacing the drive.

In Dublin, resurfacing a tarmac driveway costs anywhere between €9 to €18 per square metre. For a 30-square-metre driveway, expect to spend around €2,800 to €5,300.

Remember, just like the cost of installing a new tarmac driveway, repair prices are affected by various factors such as the condition of the drive, location, season and materials. Hence, it can be challenging to come up with an accurate quote when these pertinent details are not available.

Need professional tarmacadam driveway repair services in Dublin? Call us now on 0852139591or leave us a message on our website to request a free quote.

What Questions Should You Ask Tarmacadam Contractors?

Tarmac Driveway Dublin

Tarmac Driveway Dublin

Do you currently have a tarmacadam driveway that needs to be repaired? Or do you want to have a new one installed? In any of these situations, you must find a reputable tarmacadam contractor in Dublin for the repair, restoration or installation of your tarmacadam driveway.

When looking for a reputable tarmacadam contractor, don’t merely rely on the results of an online search or the referrals of someone you know. You should do your due diligence and screen all your potential contractors regardless of where you found them.

The Importance of Background Checks on Tarmacadam Contractors

Why do you need to do your due diligence on potential contractors? It’s primarily to protect yourself from unscrupulous people and to ensure that you get a high-quality driveway.

You see, there are numerous stories about property owners having bad experiences with their driveway installers.

There are accounts about contractors who require an advance payment but then the work is abandoned prematurely and never finished. A number of those who experienced this found out later on that the contractors they hired were not legitimate.

Other stories are about contractors who do substandard work. Clients are then forced to either have them re-do the job or hire another contractor to ensure that the driveway is finished to a high standard. Whatever solution is chosen in this situation will require more time and possibly even additional expenses.

A common pattern emerges by looking at these stories – these bad experiences happened due to the clients’ lack of due diligence. They failed to verify the capability and credibility of the contractors.

So, before hiring a tarmacadam contractor, it is highly recommended that you talk or interview them to better assess their capability and credibility.

Questions to Ask Tarmacadam Contractors

Remember that your objective is to determine if the potential contractor is a good match for what you need – the type you would want to work on your property. Below are 5 questions you should ask prospective contractors for your tarmac driveway. These questions would also be suitable to ask if you are hiring other type of contractors, such as painters and decorators.

1. How long has your company been in business?

The longevity of a company indicates a couple of things, two of them being experience and reliability.

If a contractor has been in business for several years already, then it means they have a lot of experience with tarmacadam driveways. You can trust them to have pavers who have mastered the techniques in installing professional-looking and durable tarmac drives.

Being in business for many years also shows reliability. They get repeat customers and gain new ones because they consistently deliver quality work and service.

2. Can you provide a detailed scope of work?

A specific and detailed scope of work will indicate what they will do for you and how much it would cost. As such, you would avoid any hidden or additional charges from your contractor.

3. Can you provide a timeline to complete the project? 

The timeline gives you a definitive start and end date for the project. It is also going to help you track the progress of the contractor.

Providing a project timeline shows the commitment of the paving company to transparency and finishing the project on time.

4. What challenges do you foresee?

An experienced contractor can foresee any possible challenges after inspecting the current state of your driveway. There might be some areas that need to be fixed and require more labour. This would result in an accurate tarmac driveway quotation of the work needed and equivalent costs.

5. What other similar projects have you done?

If you can check the contractor’s portfolio or other similar projects, you will see the quality of their work. This will make it easier for you to gauge if the scope of work and the corresponding price from the contractor is reasonable or too much.

Doing your due diligence is all about making sure that you hire the right tarmacadam contractors. By getting the right people, you minimise project-related stress, ensure a long-lasting driveway and avoid costly expenses.

Are you looking for tarmacadam contractors in Dublin? New Style Driveways is Dublin’s trusted driveway paving company! Our pavers are experienced in installing and restoring tarmac driveways. Call us now on (01) 4851582 or 0852139591 for a free quotation!

Yard Paver Installers: How to Successfully Work with Them

Yard Paver Installers How to Successfully Work with Them

Yard Paver Installers How to Successfully Work with Them

Installing pavers to build a walkway or a patio is a sure-fire way of elevating the look of your yard. But it needs to be properly installed not only for it to look beautiful but also to ensure its longevity.

Hence, when it comes to this type of project, it is always best to hire professional yard paver installers instead of going the DIY route.

Why Hire Professional Yard Paver Installers

Letting pros install the pavers is the only way to guarantee a high-quality walkway or patio. These experts have the know-how and tools to achieve an aesthetically-appealing outcome. More importantly, you can trust their work to be durable.

Contrary to popular notion, installing pavers is not as straightforward as it seems. Planning and preparation are needed to get the job done right the first time.

For example, you need to create a design that takes into consideration possible issues and their fixes – i.e., creating a patio with a slight slope to drain water. Another thing that you need to do is to install a geo-fabric to prevent the surface from sinking and weeds from growing.

Hiring professional paver installers means completing the project on time or earlier. In case you didn’t know, installing pavers can take weeks or months to finish, especially if you only work on weekends. Experts, on the other hand, can work on the project full time. Hence, work progresses at a faster pace.

Tips on Working with Yard Paver Installers

Clearly, letting professionals install your pavers is a smart choice. It should be noted, however, that hiring reputable paver installers is not enough. If you want this project to be successful, then you and the paving contractor should be able to work well.

How do you do this? Read our tips below on how to successfully work with your chosen paver installers.

Set Expectations at the Onset

What exactly do you expect the contractor to do throughout the course of the project? Also, what do the installers require their clients?

You need to make sure that both parties have clear sets of expectations and deliverables – the materials to be used, project completion date, work hours, payment schedule, etc. Knowing these things before the project commences can significantly minimise unwanted issues.

Communicate with Them

While professional paver installers are experienced and skilled, they are not mind readers. You have to let them know any ideas or feedback you may have, so they can deliver what you want or make the needed changes.

Keep in mind:

There is nothing wrong about letting your contractor know about your ideas or the issues you may have. In fact, if you think that the plan is not being followed, don’t think twice about letting them know right away.

When it comes to this kind of project, overcommunicating is better than under communicating. Just make sure though that you talk to them properly all the time.

Know and Understand Their Process

Ask your chosen contractor to walk you through the work that they’ll be doing. Don’t worry about things getting too technical as reputable installers explain their process in a manner that non-experts understand.

While you may not know anything about paver installation, you can use the Internet to verify if what they are doing is right or if they are employing the best practices. Furthermore, you can use the information they’ve provided to track their progress.

In summary, hiring professionals is more beneficial with a complicated task like installing pavers. These experts can help you achieve your creative vision, building a walkway or patio that meets your design, needs and budget. But in order to reap the benefits of hiring pros, you have to make sure that you collaborate with them for the project to be successful.

Is it time to spruce up your yard by adding a walkway or patio? Let our professional yard paver installers help you! Call us now on 0852139591 or email us to learn more about our services.