How to Get the Right Price for Driveway Paving in Dublin

Driveway Paving Specialist Dublin

Driveway Paving Specialist Dublin

Do you want a beautiful new driveway in your home but you are thinking twice about having one? Maybe the only thing stopping you from doing it is the thought that it might cost too much. If you are worried about the price of driveway paving in Dublin, I will tell you how to find the right contractor offering the right price.

While getting the best price for driveway paving is an important factor, it isn’t the only thing you should consider. Choosing the right company and paver will often be more important than getting a low price. This means that finding the right contractor and right paver will give you good value for your money.

Find the Right Contractor for Driveway Paving

How do you find the right contractor? Look for a company that has experience in your location. If they’ve worked on many driveways in your area, you can go around your neighbourhood and check so you can be assured of the quality of the work.

Look for a company with a good reputation among its customers. If people are happy with the driveways they have worked on, then chances are good that you’ll be happy too! You can search online, talk to friends and family, ask for recommendations, or check out the website of the contractor you are considering. You should also check out their portfolio so that you can see how they work with other clients and what their work is like.

Ask them if they provide customer support after installation. If there’s something wrong with your new driveway after installation, the contractor should fix it. This will show how much they are committed to providing customer satisfaction. These factors should be the basis when you shortlist potential contractors.

Choose the Right Driveway Paving Materials

Apart from finding the right contractor, you also have to consider the material used for your driveway.

Concrete slabs are more durable than natural stone and are less likely to crack over time. However, they can make your driveway look bland.

Natural stone is more attractive than concrete slabs, but it does not last as long in high-traffic areas like driveways. It also requires significantly more upkeep than concrete slabs, which means more time spent on maintenance tasks such as sweeping off leaves and raking up gravel.

Concrete slabs are easier to maintain than natural stones because they don’t require any special care beyond sweeping off leaves every once in a while. If you want something that looks great without needing too much work from yourself, then concrete might be the right choice for you!

Get a Good Price for Driveway Paving 

Once you have shortlisted the contractors and chosen the materials, the most crucial step is asking for quotations so you can choose which one has the best price. From your shortlisted contractors, decide which one seems best for your project. Tell the contractor exactly what it is that you want to be done and ask how much it would cost.

After you receive quotes from your shortlisted options, compare them side by side with each other and make sure they are in line with the others before deciding on which company you’ll hire. Remember to consider all the information you have gathered before making a final decision.

Remember that driveway paving isn’t cheap. The key is to find a good contractor who will provide quality work at an affordable price. By doing your research beforehand, getting quotes from different companies, checking out their portfolios, or even better yet, visiting some of their previous jobs, you can keep costs down while still getting what you want, a beautiful new driveway!

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Garden Paving Dublin – What Every Homeowner Should Know

Driveway Paving

Driveway Paving

Paving can be used as an aesthetic choice in many different areas in your home including driveways and gardens. This also creates a more welcoming feel to any entrance or walkway. If you’re looking for a paving solution for your home, garden paving in Dublin is a great way to improve the look of your property. 

Benefits of Garden Paving in Dublin

Garden paving is a great way to make your home look beautiful and elegant. Despite this benefit, however, some are hesitant to have one because it can be expensive. But, all you just need to know is which type you want and if it is within your budget. If it’s outside your budget, don’t worry as there are plenty of other options and some are probably within your budget.

When you install a new garden paving in Dublin, it will help you save money in the long run.  This is because an expertly installed garden paving in Dublin is built to last for many years. It won’t break apart easily, so it will not require frequent repairs or replacements.

In addition, when your home has an attractive new garden paving installed, it increases its value by making it more appealing for potential buyers in case you decide to sell your house at some point in time.

Types of Garden Paving

When it comes to paving your garden, there are many different options. The most common choices are natural stone, concrete, brick or cobblestone. Note that you may choose other materials based on your personal preference as there are others available.

Natural stone is a very popular material for patios, driveways and paving paths. Natural stone can be found in many different colours and shapes.Sandstone and limestone are the most used natural stones in garden paving.

Concrete paving slabs are available in many different designs, colours and textures. Concrete paving slabs can be achieved with decorative edging strips or mixed together to create various patterns.

Brick Paving is a great choice for patios, driveways and walkways. The bricks can be laid in any pattern you want and if you want different colours or shapes it is easy to achieve with the right tools.

Cobbles are another great choice when it comes to creating curb appeal around your home but they’re not made from natural materials so they are generally longer lasting than their counterparts. However, they’re known for being more expensive too so it really depends on what you want out of your new outdoor space and your budget.

Choosing the Right Garden Paving Contractor

Choosing the right garden paving contractor is important to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product, on time and within budget.

One of the first things you should do when choosing a garden paving contractor is to verify their experience with your type of project. For example, if you want to install cobblestone in your driveway, be sure to choose a contractor who has worked with cobblestone before! It may seem obvious but it’s easy to forget when looking at all the options available.

It’s also important to read client feedback and testimonials so you can assess client satisfaction  and how well the provider communicates with their clients as this will also indicate how well the provider will work with you.

Proper Maintenance of Garden Paving

For your garden paving to last a long time, make sure that you clean it and properly maintain it. Regularly sweep and clean your paving to keep it free from dirt and mud. Make sure that the joints are kept clear of any weeds or other debris. This will prevent any gaps in your joints from growing and ultimately damaging your garden paving.

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How Much Does Garden Paving Cost in Dublin?

How Much Does Garden Paving Cost in Dublin

How Much Does Garden Paving Cost in Dublin

-Updated June 2023-

Paving a garden in Dublin is an option that you should consider if you want to make your outdoor space look more attractive. However, the cost of paving a garden will vary greatly depending on the size of your garden and what type of paving material you choose.

What Influences the Garden Paving Cost in Dublin?

The cost of paving your Dublin garden is influenced by several factors:

  • The size of your garden – The larger the area that needs to be paved, the higher it will be priced for labour costs as well as materials. Larger gardens require more work than small ones because there are more areas which need to be covered with tarmac or bricks etc.- This means that if there are any large flower beds or ponds present then this can also increase costs due to needing extra materials such as concrete slabs or stones etc.
  • The material to be used – When it comes to paving your garden, you have two options: natural stone pavers or concrete pavers. Both are strong and durable, but each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. As a general rule of thumb, natural stone is more expensive than concrete pavers—but if you’re willing to spend a little extra money upfront on your garden build, then natural stone will pay off in the long term by being more attractive, longer-lasting and environmentally friendly.
  • Labor Cost – Does it require excavation or removal of an existing installation? If it does, then that’s an additional cost.
  • Timeline – If you want the project to be done quickly then you may need to pay extra.

Natural Stone Paving

The most popular choice for Dublin gardens is natural limestone as this material can be shaped into whatever size or shape you need for your design. Natural limestone will also last much longer than concrete with no maintenance required after installation; while they may look similar at first glance they actually have very different properties! 

Natural limestone is made up of calcium carbonate which gives it its strength while concrete has sand mixed in with cement which makes it weaker over time due to erosion caused by water penetration. Over time, both types of paving will deteriorate differently.

Does the Garden Paving Work Include Excavation?

The cost of garden paving in Dublin can be affected by how much excavation is needed. This can depend on whether your garden borders a building, or if there are steps or other obstacles that need to be removed. If you have any questions about this, it’s worth calling up a few professional landscapers and asking for a quote. An experienced landscaper will be able to tell you what exactly they need to do before beginning their work and will give you an accurate price quote based on their findings.

How to Calculate the Cost of Tarmac Driveways in Ireland?

Garden Paving Cost Dublin Overview

The cost of paving your patio will vary based on the size and style you choose. If you have an irregular shaped garden, the price may also be higher.

The average price is €80/m² to €100/m² and costs between €2,400 and €3,000 for a 30 square metre patio using natural limestone. The average price is €60/m² to €80/m² and costs between €1,800 and €2,400 for a 30 square metre patio using concrete. Other materials are available but concrete and limestone are the most commonly used ones.

Patio costs are typically calculated per square metre but some installers charge by the hour so it’s important that you clarify this before signing any agreements or paying any deposit money upfront!

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Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin: Is It Cheaper Than Other Types of Driveways?

Tar and Chip Driveway Contractor Ireland

Tar and Chip Driveway Contractor Ireland

-Updated June 2023-

Tar and chip driveways are a popular choice for many homeowners in Dublin. The process of installing this type of driveway can be handled by any contractor that has basic experience with asphalt installation, but it is not necessarily something that every contractor will offer. So if you’re looking for tar and chip driveways in Dublin, make sure you’re choosing a company that knows what they’re doing.

Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin vs. Other Types of Driveways

The tar and chip driveway cost in Dublin is comparable to block paving, but it is higher than gravel. However, this type of paving has a significantly longer lifespan than these other types of paving. This means that in the long run it is much more cost-effective than both concrete and gravel. At the same time, due to its long lifespan, it is not as expensive as other types of driveway that have similar life spans like concrete stamped driveways or asphalt.

How Much Does a Tar and Chip Driveway Cost in Dublin?

It is cheaper than other paving options, but a tar and chip driveway costs more than a gravel driveway. An average-sized tar and chip driveway in Dublin, around 24 square metres, costs €600 at €25 per square metre. A gravel driveway costs around €18 to €21 per square metre. A concrete driveway is much more expensive at  €80 per square metre.

Installation time depends on the temperature of the asphalt and the number of layers being applied. The first layer will take about 4 hours to cure, and then you can drive on it within an hour or so.

If you have an existing driveway that is not covered with tar or concrete, you can install tar and chip over it. If your asphalt has cracks in it though, they may continue to spread under the added weight of another layer.

How to Calculate the Cost of Tarmac Driveways in Ireland?

What are the Benefits of Tar and Chip Driveways?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners and businesses in Ireland choose tar and chip driveways:

They’re durable, cost-effective, and easy to install. Unlike concrete or asphalt driveways that require the use of heavy machinery during installation, tar and chip can be installed using only basic tools. The chips provide a natural look, while the tar creates an even surface that’s smooth to walk over.

They’re quick to install. Though the amount of time it takes to install a tar and chip driveway varies based on factors like weather conditions, size of the job, etc., it’s typically finished more quickly than other types of paving work. For example, whereas a paving contractor may need several days (or even weeks) to install an asphalt driveway at your Dublin home or business property, they could finish installing a tar and chip driveway in just one day depending on the job specifications.

Tarred roads have been used by road construction firms for hundreds of years—and for good reason! Tar is very long-lasting if laid correctly on top of appropriately prepared sublayers such as hardcore before having chippings put onto it. The lifespan for this type of road depends on heavy traffic loads; in general you can expect between 5-10 years from it before needing additional maintenance or resurfacing work done.

Tar and chip is less expensive when compared with other types like concrete paving which can cost twice as much (or more). This means that you will save money while still getting high quality results because our crews take pride in their workmanship so each job turns out looking great no matter what type of material we use!

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Block Paving Driveway in Dublin: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Block paving job in Dublin

Block paving is a type of driveway that consists of blocks of precast concrete or brick pavers. If you’re interested in installing a block paving driveway in Dublin, it’s important to note that these driveways can be made from concrete and clay pavers, as well as a variety of other materials.

Why Should You Choose Block Paving for Your Driveway in Dublin?

Block paving is a type of bricklaying that uses blocks, slabs or bricks to create a specific design. These pieces are held together by sand and cement to create a solid and sturdy structure. The patterns you choose can range from simple to intricate, depending on your preferences. 

There are many reasons why you should choose block paving for your driveway; however, the major one is that this surface is long-lasting and durable. In addition, block paving gives your driveway a stylish look that increases the curb appeal of your property.

Before considering whether or not you should install it, there are some things you need to know about block paving:

You have multiple options when it comes to choosing the colour of your block paver.

Block pavers come in several different shapes and sizes, which means you have many options to choose from when selecting the design for your driveway.

You can use any kind of material for edging – including curbs – so long as it is strong enough to support the weight of vehicles driving over it on a daily basis (this will be more critical if you drive large vehicles). While this may sound complicated at first glance, block paving makes an excellent choice because there’s no reason why everything shouldn’t go smoothly during installation as long as proper care has been taken beforehand!

Pros of Block Paving for Driveways in Dublin

  • Aesthetics: Block pavers can be used for a variety of patterns, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You can use block paving for the entire driveway or just add in some pavers as an accent. Either way, it will look beautiful and add charm to your property.
  • Durability: Block pavers are very durable and they don’t crack easily. They are made from concrete and they are also resistant to salt, water and acids. If you live in a place that gets cold weather during the winter months, then block paving is a good option because it doesn’t get damaged when the ice melts in the spring. This makes this type of pavement ideal for driveways in Dublin because there is frost almost every winter season.
  • Low maintenance: Block paving requires little maintenance throughout its lifetime but you may need to hire professionals who specialise in servicing block paved driveways every couple of years if you want your pavement to last longer than 20 years. The experts will seal any cracks with sealant or epoxy resin before they spread out further into larger holes or breakages which could be more costly repairs down the road!

Cons of Block Paving for Driveways in Dublin

  • Installing block paving on steep driveways. Block paving is not suitable for driveways that have a steep incline or decline. In these cases, the pavers may shift over time or move out of place, which can create an uneven appearance. Additionally, it can be quite difficult to repair a block paved driveway in this situation—it may require you to remove and replace the entire driveway itself, which will be costly and time consuming. Certain alternative materials are better suited for use on steep driveways than block paving is.
  • Cost of installation. The cost of installing a block paved driveway in Dublin should also be considered before deciding whether or not this type of material is right for you. While some alternative materials are more expensive to install, others are cheaper;
  • Difficulty with repairs. Finally, block paving may prove difficult to repair if any damage should occur at all—if your car scratches the surface of a paver, for example (which it likely will), you’ll need to replace that specific paver instead of simply filling the affected area like you’d do with asphalt or concrete materials

While there are pros and cons to having a block paving driveway in Dublin, it’s definitely worth considering block paving as the pros outweigh the cons. Block paving is a popular choice for driveways in Dublin, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s a recap of the advantages of block paving:

  • It looks great: Block paving is available in a variety of attractive shapes, sizes, textures and colours. You can use it to create your dream driveway.
  • It’s long-lasting: Block paving is durable and will stand up to the elements over time. With proper maintenance, it will last for years.
  • It’s easy to maintain: Keeping a block paved driveway clean is simple; you simply need to sweep away any dirt or leaves that fall on it and occasionally spray down any weeds that sprout between the cracks with a weedkiller.

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How Do You Maintain a Tar and Chip Driveway?

Chip and Tar Driveway Ireland

Chip and Tar Driveway Ireland

One of the “selling points” of a tar and chip driveway, also called seal chip driveway, is that it requires little upkeep. However, while it is very low maintenance, this does not mean you can neglect it. You have to consistently care for the driveway for it to last many years and continue to look pristine.

Regular maintenance is key to avoiding repaving or replacing your driveway before the end of its lifespan. With proper care, a well-made tar and chip driveway can last 10 to 15 years.

Tar and Chip Driveway Maintenance Tips

The frequency of use and the climate in your area determine the amount of maintenance your driveway needs. In areas with high humidity or a lot of rainfall, moss can begin to grow on the stones. This will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Below are some of the maintenance tasks you need to do to keep your tar and chip driveway in tiptop condition and ensure its longevity:

  1. Keep off the driveway until the binder completely sets.
  2. Sweep debris, dirt and loose stones.
  3. Power wash the surface.
  4. Repair damages immediately.
  5. Reseal the surface every two to three years.


1. Keep off the driveway until the binder completely sets.

A tar and chip driveway can be built in a day. But it is best not to use it until the binder fully sets – at least around three days. By doing this, you avoid creating uneven areas and dislodging stones.

2. Sweep debris, dirt and loose stones.

To keep your seal chip driveway in excellent condition, you need to clean it on a regular basis. This is also true for other types of driveways — concrete, tarmacadam, gravel, etc.

There are many different types of debris that can collect on your driveway – leaves and twigs, dirt, pet waste, etc. If these are left on your driveway, they can cause stains, discolouration, cracks and other damages.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by sweeping your driveway at least once a week. You may wish to invest in a leaf blower so that this task doesn’t take too long.

3. Power wash the surface.

You can use a pressure washer to clean the driveway more thoroughly when necessary or at least once a year. However, avoid spraying the sides with water or other cleaning products because it can damage the sealant. Make sure to sweep away any standing water.

If your driveway has stains from oil or grease leaks from your car, clean them right away. Remember, oil causes tar to break down. When this happens, the chips loosen and holes develop.

When removing automotive fluid stains, you can use dishwashing soap and warm water. If that doesn’t work, try using an oil solvent or degreaser.

Tar and Chip Driveway Contractor Ireland

4. Repair damages immediately.

Periodically inspect your driveway. Pay close attention to the edges. Take note of any cracks or uneven pavements. Repair them immediately to prevent water from seeping into the chips and causing potholes. Keep an eye on tiny cracks, but don’t fret because they usually heal themselves.

However, if they are still there after a few weeks and are getting bigger, do not think twice about fixing them. Fill the gaps using the appropriate type of filler.

Use a knife or screwdriver to dig out loose chips and replace them with new ones if you have any left from the installation.

Also, get rid of weeds growing in cracks between stones in your driveway. If left alone, weeds can push apart the stones and make the gaps bigger, which can cause your driveway to deteriorate faster than it should.

5. Reseal the surface.

One of the advantages of a tar and chip driveway is that it does not require repeated sealing. The general rule of thumb is to apply a sealant when the chips start coming off or the surface looks faded.  Alternatively, you can opt to seal it every three to five years.

The sealant helps protect the driveway from sunlight damage, oil spills, gasoline and other chemicals. It also prevents cracks from forming and keeps it looking new longer.

Professional Tar and Chip Driveway Maintenance Services

Maintaining a tar and chip driveway is an incredibly easy task, but it requires commitment. You have to consistently do them if you want to avoid prematurely replacing or repaving your driveway.

You can do most of these maintenance tasks on your own – sweeping off dust and debris, washing the surface and even fixing small cracks. But some tasks are best handled by professionals.

For example, it is wise to let pros power wash your seal chip driveway. This task may seem easy, but it is not. You need to know the right angle and pressure to avoid damaging the sealant.

You should also let professional driveway pavers handle major repairs to ensure that the appropriate material is used. Similarly, it is best to let pros apply a sealant to guarantee that it is done the right way.

Simply put, do not hesitate to hire professionals to help you keep your tar and chip driveway in excellent condition. Enlisting their services is key to avoiding extensive damages which are costlier to repair.

In conclusion, upkeep and repairs are often easily overlooked in the midst of busy lifestyles. However, keeping up with these small tasks is essential in preserving the beauty and extending the service life of your tar and chip driveway. So, always find time to complete these maintenance tasks.

Does your tar and chip driveway need to be repaired or resealed? Or is it time to replace it? Let our experienced driveway pavers help you maintain your driveway or build a new one! Call us now on 0852139591 or click here to request a quote!